Motion Energy Drinks strives to be the market leader and seals its liquid motion energy in cans at our high-tech plant in Europe. One of the most important missions that our high-tech plant has, is to ensure high quality.  Fans of our drinks associate quality with its trademark and taste.

The cans are filled with liquid motion energy under stringently monitored conditions in our plant that is equipped with unique German technology. 

The Greenfield project of 11 hectares and 7,000 square metre factory hosts the unique bottling line and can bottle 300 million cans per year.  The adjacent 6,000 square metre logistic centre contributes to the delivery on time, every time.

The KRONES filling line can bottle 48,000 cans per hour.  The finest quality ingredients provide the invigorating flavor of our products.  The mineral water is sourced from the factory's five artesian wells through a stainless steel, acid-proof and closed pipeline to the plant`s water-treatment room finally leading the filtered water to a super-modern kitchen.

For the perfect result, technicians monitor every stage of the production process.  The saturation of the cans is continuously checked, the floor of the kitchen and production line is covered with antibacterial epoxy, and the cleanliness of the energy drink is examined via regular bacterial tests.

Through our factory, we are in the position to offer you Motion Energy Drinks for distribution that compares to the market leaders in quality and taste, at affordable prices.